To enable AZScan for Oracle to work, you have to run a SQL script on the Oracle system being reviewed. This script collects the data into a single file which is then fed into AZScan. The script is called AZOracle.sql and is located in the main AZScan directory.

Copy the script to the Oracle system being reviewed and run the script. Your database administrator can help you, He should also check the script to ensure that he is happy with what it does. It can be loaded into Word or a text viewer to examine it before it is run. The script does not write to the database at all. It simply collects data and outputs it into a (big) text file.

The script only reads tables and outputs the data. When it is run on the Oracle system, it produces an output file called OScan.fil which contains all the data required for AZScan.

The OScan.fil file is copied to the PC running AZScan and renamed to make the file unique (e.g. FXSystem22.fil)

Now startup AZScan

Select a database review. (Database Settings > Oracle > Settings > Oracle version)
Now select the Oracle version you are reviewing.
Select the name of the input file (FXSystem22.fil). Use (Database Settings > Oracle > Settings > Oracle file)
Now select a name for your AZScan report file. You only need to select the text version and all others will be automatically named for you.
Then select SCAN to begin the review.

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