Security begins at home. Most security breaches are caused by your users, your employees. And the consequences can be both expensive and serious.

How often do you check the security of your main systems?

AZScan is a Windows based software tool which lets you quickly audit the security of mid-range systems including:-

  • Unix systems including Linux, Solaris, AIX and many more
  • IBM's iSeries (AS400) for OS400
  • HP's Alpha/Vax(DECVax) for VMS.
  • Oracle databases
  • Review systems quickly and easily and have the report written for you.
  • Save yourself hours of work.
  • Produce reports for non-experts, showing the problems, the risks and the recommended solutions.
  • Review systems around the world.
  • Ensure compliance with regulations such as SOX, HIPAA, GLBA and BS7799.
  • Create actionable business plans.

How does this tool work?

The software works by reviewing copies of key files from your system. You supply the files to the PC and so you control what is happening on your system. AZScan reviews the files on a standalone PC, writes reports and you choose which findings and recommendations to act upon.

Does any software run on the system being tested?

No. AZScan is completely non-intrusive. There are no executables to be installed on your systems and so nothing that can slow performance or damage the system. The systems you are reviewing can even be in another country.


How many different operating systems can be reviewed?

The three categories of OS are Unix, OS400 and VMS but within these there are over 100 variations and releases which can be handled by AZScan. Currently the variations include:

  • Unix     163 - Linux, Solaris, AIX and many more
  • OS400  18
  • VMS      20

As new versions are released, we update the software to take account of the new security settings that are introduced.

And how many tests does AZScan perform?

  • AZScan does 73 Unix tests
  • AZScan does 53 OS400 tests
  • AZScan does 93 VMS tests
  • AZScan does 22 Oracle tests

These figures are increasing all the time.

I only have Unix systems and don't need all the iSeries and VMS parts.

Don't worry. This is an integrated package and you don't need to even look at the other parts of the software.

What advantages does AZScan have over other products?

It has several advantages:

  • Your reviews are consistent and you produce high quality reports.
  • It is cheap to purchase and run - there is no massive outlay.
  • We do not charge more if you review 1 system or 1000.
  • It does not interfere with your systems (it cant!).
  • Your data is kept secure with you - you don't send it out of the company.
  • It is easy to use - it runs on a standard PC and is fully portable.