To enable AZScan to work, you have to give it two files from the iSeries system being reviewed. These files are produced using two very simple commands which generate the required input files. These two files are the copied to the PC running AZScan by disk, ftp or any other available means.

1) The first command generates the 'System Profile File'.


Press F4 for prompt, change ouput* to *print.

Examine the default output printer and you will see it there.

Use Navigator to drag the output file (system profile file) to your desktop.

If you examine the system profile file, it will look something like this:

System Values Page 1
5722SS1 V5R1M0 010525 CXLAS1 04-03-27 01:52:28
Name Current value Shipped value Description
QABNORMSW 0 0 Previous end of system indicator
QACGLVL > *JOB *NONE Accounting level
QACTJOB > 200 20 Initial number of active jobs
QADLACTJ > 50 10 Additional number of active jobs
QADLSPLA 2048 2048 Spooling control block additional storage

2) The second command generates the 'User Profile File'.


Examining the User Profile File will show a listing which looks like this:

  • 1041029021706CXLSASP DAVID    *USER   *SYSVAL 1040413073938 *NO *YES *NONE
  • 1041029021706CXLSASP MANAGER1 *PGMR   *SYSVAL 1040513073938 *NO *YES *NONE
  • 1041029021706CXLSASP MANAGER2 *SECADM *SYSVAL 1040313073938 *NO *NO
  • 1041029021706CXLSASP MANAGER3 *PGMR   *SYSVAL 1040413073938 *NO *YES *NO *NONE
  • 1041029021706CXLSASP MANAGER4 *SECOFR *SYSVAL 1040318134548 *NO *NO
  • 1041029021706CXLSASP MANAGER5 *SYSOPR *SYSVAL 1020413012415 *NO *NO
  • 1041029021706CXLSASP MANAGER6 *USER   *SYSVAL 1040313073938 *NO *YES *NONE
  • 1041029021706CXLSASP QBRMS    *USER   *SYSVAL 1040413073938 *NO *YES *NONE
  • 1041029021706CXLSASP QCLUMGT  *USER   *SYSVAL 1040313012415 *NO *YES *YES
  • 1041029021706CXLSASP QCLUSTER *USER   *SYSVAL 1040813012415 *NO *YES

It is important that the files are transfered to the PC using simple FTP and you do not use IBM commands such as CRYTOIMPF or use Client Access data transfer with tab delimited set. (These will reformat the output files).

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