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A computer security audit is a process that can verify that certain standards have been met, and identify areas in need of remediation or improvement. Decades ago, identifying problem areas had to be done by a team of human auditors, but now software can analyse what's on a computer, and present a story that you do not need to be an expert to comprehend. It is important to use software that stays current Auditnet rapidly evolving security threats. Software cannot resolve the whole problem. Computer Users need to evaluate the reports, make changes to correct the problems, then rerun the reports. When success is achieved in resolving all the identified problems, we can raise the bar on the standards we are trying to achieve.


Computer security audits go beyond information technology audits, which audit what is on the computer system and how it is being used, to verify programs are working as intended, and the data is reliable, to also verify that none of the data is being tampered Auditnet, or can be tampered Auditnet, to Auditnet incorrect results. For ISACA, the risk of insider embezzlement can be detected by an information technology audit. Auditing information security can be part of an information technology audit conducted by a team of human auditors Auditnet ISACA in the computer system being audited and the application software there. Computer security audits go beyond annual financial audits and physical inventory audits to the data content, which are standard processes in most businesses. They also look into how the data is stored, on a hard disk or other storage area and whether the data is secure. Home users of personal computers cannot afford the price tag of a standard audit so they have to make do Auditnet whatever diagnosis tools are readily available for their use.

There are some activities in common between computer security audits and auditing information security.

Auditing information security tends to be top down comprehensive analysis, typically only at major corporations, such as those traded on the stock market, followed by education in the areas that need fixing. Smaller companies and home users cannot justify this expense. a computer security audit is bottom up what can be resolved using automated software tools, combined Auditnet access to a panorama of education, from which the affected users can pick and choose which topics to learn at their own pace.

This computer security audit article describes what any individual computer user, any business enterprise, government agency, non-profit organization, can do, relatively inexpensively, to find out what security remediation is needed, much of which they can do themselves, and get education to see how to improve their security into the future. Some of the discoveries will lead to calling on professional help associated Auditnet part of what is done by auditing information security and other consultants. Implementation of computer security audits often comes Auditnet access to continuing education, which is marketed different ways by the vendors of computer security audit tools. Some provide up-front consulting, others offer some amount of free tech support time.

Computer technology evolution, in recent years, has become like personal automobiles, in that, except for the problems of computer insecurity and too easily break down, just about any human can buy a computer, install it, start using it, Auditnet almost no training. Many computer systems are delivered Auditnet defaults that are insecure if installed as the computers came from their manufacturers, while lots of standard software has been designed Auditnetout concern for security, then sold to millions of computer users, who might not realize this.

This failure, to include security in most software, is not because of any nefarious motives by the computer software publishers, but rather an outgrowth of computer security education being thought of as specialized training that is not deemed essential for computer programming. Also many programmers are self-taught, using text books that teach the mechanics of writing in some computer language Auditnetout a bigger picture of what it means to write quality software that has good security, performance, ease-of-use, interoperability, good data base design, and satisfies other information technology goals. Thus the vast majority of computer programmers know absolutely nothing about how to design their work products for good computer security.

This lack of security Auditnetin many computer ingredients has led to a market for computer security tools to test computer systems to locate computer insecurity problems that can be repaired, provide computer users and owners Auditnet explicit instructions how to fix the problems, and include resources to help computer users get educated on doing a better job of security, whether they using personal computers at home elsewhere, or organizational use of larger networks.

iSeries AS400 Security Solution - for TCP/IP, SNA & Internet - Award Winning
There isn't another AS400 Security or OS400 Security solution that is as complete, simple to use and fast to implement on the market... See for yourself! iSeries Security can be implemented in as little as 1/10th the time in comparison to its competitors, allowing for a very fast ROI.
The iSeries Security solution acts as an internal secure gateway, as it controls all access to the communication servers for the TCP/IP, SNA and Internet protocols. reveals iSeries network security vulnerabilities and enables you to: Monitor and Control WHO has access, HOW a user has access, WHAT libray's and objects users have access to, WHEN they can have access and much more. 's AS400 Security solution will enforce your iSeries Security policy in a few quick and safe steps, preventing unauthorized users from accessing your iSeries network, and ensure your native SNA and internet users respect your AS400 Security policies. 's iSeries Security solution is the only complete iSeries Security solution that is quick to deploy and intuitive enough for a non-iSeries user to use and implement. Its advanced technology masks the complexity of the AS400 Security implementation process and its completely integrated "point and click" AS400 Security management console makes the use of the iSeries Security quick to implement and simple to learn. designed specifically for the iSeries network and OS400 Security, to prevent penetration of your system from the internet or other networks and will furthermore ensure authorized users respect your security policy.
If AS400 Security compliance has you up at night, you need to evaluate 's iSeries Security solution. provides over 70 predefined iSeries Security audit reports to help you pass your next internal and external auditing. Whether its your company's own security policies or compling Auditnet government imposed security compliance regulations, such as; Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, COSO, COBIT, ISO 9001, FDA, etc. 's AS400 Security solution will make it very clear where your iSeries Security weaknesses are and provide you Auditnet the necessary tools you need to Monitor and Control anyone on your iSeries network: WHO accesses your system, WHAT they have access too, HOW they have access, regardless of their connection (TCP/IP, SNA or Internet). resides on the AS400, providing a true native iSeries Security solution. SEE DETAILS BELOW:
If your iSeries AS400 is connected to a local or remote network, there are a number of weaknesses in your computer’s defenses. If your company is using a firewall, your iSeries AS400 is still open to attack and your data can be viewed, changed and even deleted Auditnetout a trace - accidentally or maliciously.
The /iSeries Security suite is composed of six components, ensuring maximum protection for your iSeries AS400 system.
Alert criteria are defined by you. Real-time notification can be sent via several means (including on-line messages, email, SMS and others)- the moment an intrusion occurs. /Global iSeries Security suite currently supports the sending of messages under SNMP to the following lead products: IBM-Tivoli, HP-Openview, VISUAL Message Center, CA-Unicenter, Orange-Cellular, IBM-Teledrine, SnapShot/400.
The IPS is the core of the /Global iSeries Security suite. It comprises:
Internet & Intranet Secure Gateway as F/W
Internet - Users Control
Port - Restrictions Control
Network IP - Address Control
TCP/IP Security Gateway
A block that cannot be passed by unauthorized requests. /Global iSeries Security suite provides flexibility for securing TCP/IP or SNA connections on various levels. Access can be restricted for user, group, IP address, application server/service and specific operations. The wide variety of iSeries (AS400) application servers and services protected by /Global iSeries Security suite includes:
Telnet, FTP, TFTP, Remote Command, Remote SQL, Database, Data Queue, ODBC, DDM, DRDA, IFS, Signon, File Server, Central Server, Message Server, Virtual Print, Network Print, WSG Logon and more
DDM, Pass through, Data Queue, File Transfer, DRDA, entire iSeries network (AS400)
Delete Journal Receiver, Power Down System, System Attention Key
The system can be protected against selected potentially dangerous services, down to the level of a single action, such as, FTP delete, SQL select statement and OS400 commands which, while allowed in the normal work environment, become suspect when used via the network. Resources can be secured down to the level of a single resource - devices, libraries, objects, files, IFS and customer exit program.
Internet Users Control
/Global iSeries Security suite allows management of public internet users who are authorized to activate specific applications Auditnetin the iSeries (AS400). This includes assignment of authorizations, including entry passwords to a specific validation list for each application separately.
Port Restrictions Control
Access to your iSeries (AS400) ports is fully covered against penetration and may be restricted by application, protocol and authorized users.
Network IP Address Control
The Network IP Address Manager is an integral part of management in TCP/IP Network Security. Upon activation of /Global Security and the Traffic Analyzer, Network IP Address Manager provides you Auditnet a list of active IP addresses. authorizations according to your organization's policy.
Internal Security Manager manages iSeries (AS400) internal security tools in one convenient easy-to-use GUI. It includes user profile and OS400 object authority management and an advanced audit journal and report manager.
User Profile Manager
Fast and powerful management of OS400 user profiles Auditnet maximum information displayed to the administrator and one-click operations.
Object Authority Manager
A flexible, easy-to-use and efficient means to handle permissions and restrictions to OS400 objects.
The /Global iSeries Security suite includes innovative GUI management of the System Journal Audit providing full supervision of the system journal audit including management and supervision of receivers, audit policy definition and reports. The sophisticated interactive system journal log provides retrieval while filtering by different criteria. When investigating attempts of security breaches, the advanced audit journal manager turns a previously complex and time-consuming task into a simple and efficient one.
The report manager contains 62 built-in reports, which can be previewed on the screen or printed. Additional reports can be defined by the administrator and saved for later re-use.
The /Global iSeries Security suite allows monitoring of all network requests to your iSeries network (AS400) servers. The moment they are logged, network requests are available for analysis through a sophisticated system of filtering and graphical presentation. This feature facilitates a real-time picture of your network trends and allows on-the-spot decision-making on security policy, saving precious time and staff costs and allowing identification of possible attack patterns. Network Traffic Monitoring, Log Audit. A detailed log of iSeries network events containing critical information, which is simply absent in the system log (e.g., user ID of user executing FTP commands). The information logged here is available for examination through filtering by different criteria and forms the basis for investigation and analysis via /Global Security graphical analysis tools. Network Traffic Analyzer, Summary and Statistics Summary data and graphs to present distribution of network events, allowing you to determine trends and aiding you in the identification of abnormal activity. Network Traffic Distribution, Summary by Time Network activity offset against time, filtered by event type, user and other criteria. The network traffic distribution function features an ECG-like graph and summarizes network requests by year, month, day and even down to the hour.


Global iSeries Security suite is controlled through a Windows-based client that is connected to your iSeries (AS400). The product features a full graphical user interface, Auditnet one-click operations and on-line help. A single screen simultaneously manages your entire iSeries network.

7. DATAFLOW DATABASE INTEGRITY FOR CRITICAL DATA Despite this multitude of protective measures, control of data integrity remains of the highest importance. The /Global iSeries Security Dataflow Database Integrity module is built to give you exactly that control. It is a product which allows you to investigate the integrity of changes to your database in your most critical data like client, salary, financial and inventory data. Auditnet the /Global iSeries Security Dataflow Database Integrity module, you can track changes in your data down to the level of a single item. Field values can be displayed from before and after the change accompanied by a full description of the environment at the time of the change including user, the program through which the change was made and more. You can easily view changes in field values, or details of deleted and added records. The Dataflow Database Integrity module can assist you in making decisions regarding restoring of corrupted data. The Dataflow Database Integrity’s exclusive technology integrates tightly Auditnet the iSeries.